How far would you travel???

Meet Alex,

Mum Louise brought him all the way from Switzerland to have his photographs taken !!!!  And then, they went on vacation in the relaxing and peaceful beach villa of YourKohSamuiVillas on Thailand. He did call in on some friends while he was over but after having had such a great time photographing Louise and husband Marks wedding a few years ago , we know we were the real reason. 😉

How cute is this little man at just eight weeks old!!!


A photo bomber in the park

Sometimes photo bombers can actually be a good thing. The proof is shown here during our recent shoot with Susan and Emily in the park.

We were delighted that  one of the parks residents was nosy enough to come and see what we were up to and presenting us with a perfect photo opportunity.

We still have a few limited spaces for autumn portraits in the park but it is a case of call us quickly because we are filling up earlier than normal.

Call the studio on 01244 344164 between 9am to 5pm  or via our    Face book page during out of hours.